Behringer has been teasing a new audio console, which they announced yesterday as the ‘Behringer Wing’. While full details haven’t yet been announced, there’s a fair amount of reliable information we can glean from the teaser videos thus far.

This console is likely a replacement for the X32, which has been around since 2012 (seven years is a long time for technology!)

UPDATE 17th November 2019: Behringer have released details of the Wing, including features and specifications. Thus far, no pricing or release date details have been announced.

The videos show the side profile of a console, and a multi-touch screen interface. Based on the release announcement, we can assume these are the specs:

  • 48 stereo channels / 96 inputs
  • 8 auxiliary input channels
  • 8 onboard preamps
  • 16 busses
  • 16 FX slots
  • 8 matrixes
  • 3x AES-50 ports (144 inputs)
  • 48×48 USB Audio I/O
  • Dante & WavesI/O via 64×64 card
  • USB Player
  • StageCon (48ch)
  • 4 GPIO ports
  • 24 motorised faders in three banks

Enhancements over the X32

It’s likely this console will resolve some of the limitations of the old X32. These could include:

  • Larger Screen
  • Touchscreen (pretty much a give at this point)
  • Additional I/O (3x AES-50 ports)
  • More flexible channel routing (the X32 requires you to route I/O in blocks of 8 channels, and you can’t rearrange the fader layers)
  • Improved effects

Behringer Wing Price

Much like the X32, it’s likely the Wing will be released with multiple sizes and expansion options – but all sharing the same fundamental technology.

The X32 currently sells for US$2,099 new, and anywhere from about US$600 used.

The main I/O box for the X32 (the Behringer S16) retails for about US$690 new, but can be found as cheap as US$570 new.

The Behringer Wing isn’t likely to be cheaper than the X32, and it’s entirely possible the X32 and Wing will co-exist (at least for a period). Based on other mixers of similar specs, I’d be surprised to see the Wing for less than US$4500 for the console, and US$1000 for an I/O box. This still represents a significant discount over most other consoles with this type of functionality.

All of this is speculative, and absolutely subject to change. So far, there has been no solid announcement from Behringer or MUSIC Tribe on this new product. I expect to see more solid details before NAMM in January (but hopefully a lot earlier!)

For now, we can just keep watching the trailer videos and speculating!