I have done a lot of design work so far this year, especially for the local churches I am a part of. Here’s some highlights of the work so far this year. These samples were for social media, websites, screen, and print. A lot of stock photos have been used, although I’ve tried to steer clear of the cliches so often found in church design.

Please take a look, and let me know what you think 🙂

Parra Easter - I Am Redeemed

Design: HAPPY - Growing Healthy Relationships

Purpose - What On Earth Am I Here For - Leaflet 1e

Easter Celebration graphic sample

We're About People Finding Freedom - Graphic Design

EQUIP Kids - Slide 1

FB Bible Verse - John 10 10 - Life to the full

FB Bible Verse - Jeremiah 29 11 - Plans


Church Response Card Design

Freedom Redeemed: Shirt Sample 1



If you would like some design work done for your church, please get in touch with me.