If you have a content-driven website for your media organisation, you need people to create that content. These people are often called “Digital Content Producers“. But what does this job look like?

I’ve compiled a sample job description, based on the job ads placed by major radio networks around the world. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to look for when hiring your first digital content producer. The skill set required is very different from that of a radio announcer.

This article is a part of my series on Building a Radio Station Website. Please check out the other articles for more information on creating a website for your radio station.

Digital Content Producer: Responsibilities

Reporting to the Digital Content Manager, you will produce content daily across our websites and social media channels. This will mainly involve the creation of website articles (with supporting graphics), but also includes video, photos, graphics and audio.

Digital Content Producer: Desired Skills and Experience

  • 3 years experience producing web and social media content
  • Ability to write, edit and proof-read quality written content
    (you’ll be expected to write anything from a two-word social media post to a six-hundred word website article)
  • Good editorial judgement
  • Experience with Search Engine Optimisation
  • Experience with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and other analytics tools
  • Experience with Content Management Systems
  • Knowledge of industry best-practices, including content delivery standards and usability
  • Strong skills in industry-standard Adobe photo, audio and video editing software
  • Ability to work as a part of a team.
    You’ll be working closely with our on-air team to translate on-air content for online channels
  • Ability to work independently.
    You’ll also need to think up and create a lot of content by yourself with limited team input.

It’s also worth giving an overview of your organisation, and the types of content they will be expected to produce. BuzzFeed and NPR both produce very different styles of content, and candidates can’t necessarily do both.

Digital Content Producer Salary

The salary will vary based on experience, qualifications and location. One could probably expect to pay full-time candidates $35,000pa to $65,000pa in a big, expensive city such as Sydney. Please check the awards in your local area.