There was exciting news today from ConnectingUp, the administrators of the Microsoft donations program today, in regards to Donated Microsoft Software for Religious Not-for-Profits: Microsoft has lifted their restriction on faith-based organisations receiving donated copies of their software! This means you can now legitimately obtain Micorsoft titles at bargain prices via ConnectingUp.

What does this mean? Your Church, Christian Radio Station, or Faith-based Charity can now save thousands on Microsoft products. There is now no excuse to squeeze the life out of your licenses.

As you can see with my previously published comparison table, the donated titles are significantly cheaper than the charity and Open License rates. As an example, Windows 8 Upgrade at Open VL rates costs $187. With ConnectingUp, it’s $13 – and that includes Software Assurance!

The standard two-year limits still apply, although you don’t need to order everything at once. During a two year period, you can order products from up to ten title groups with a limit of fifty licenses for client operating systems or CALs. Of this, there is a limit of five server products (hint: if you use virtualisation or plan to, splash out for the Enterprise editions rather then Standard as you’ll get more milage).

If you are after more info on the ConnectingUp program, you can read my article on that. Otherwise, it’s time to get cracking!