Presence Conference is an annual Christian conference run by C3 Church in Sydney, with big name guests from around the world such as Israel Houghton and Louie Giglio. This year it was held in the Sydney Entertainment Centre, and was also live streamed around the world. As internet streaming is so new and the barriers to entry so low, not every church is getting it right. However, this conference is an example of a church who have got it right.

Presence Conference 2014: Live Stream Page

The main way to stream is via their dedicated webpage. It’s beautiful and has been specifically designed for this conference, giving off a pleasant first impression. The embedded player is quick to buffer. The social elements on the right are un-obtrusive and relevant. The calls to action below the player are clear and bold.

Once I start playing the stream, I found the quality to be brilliant. There were minimal encoding artefacts, and it degraded gracefully when my internet connection couldn’t keep up.

I found the audio to be of a high quality too. If there’s one thing with an internet stream you need to get right, it’s the audio. The levels were consistent and everything sounded great.

Even the actual conference is well produced. There are no awkward moments waiting. There was pre-show entertainment to warm everyone up and let them know how long until it starts.

I can’t speak for the mobile-friendliness of this page. The player is Adobe Flash-based, and I didn’t check if they have an alternative version for mobile before the end of the conference.

Overall, this has been well done. I hope the next stream I do is at least the same quality level as this.

Presence Conference 2014: Live Stream 1 Presence Conference 2014: Live Stream 2 Presence Conference 2014: Live Stream 3