Selecting equipment for a Radio Station can be difficult, especially if you are new to the industry. I have compiled a list of equipment found commonly in radio stations and radio studios to help you navigate the options.

This is by no means a complete list of all broadcast equipment, but does consist of what I believe to be fairly popular broadcast products (at least in the circles I frequent). I do not endorse any of these products, and haven’t necessarily used them myself before. If you think I’ve missed something notable, please share it in the comments.

UPDATE November 2016: For a more comprehensive list of Radio Station Equipment, read Equipment You’ll Find in a Radio Station.

Radio Audio Consoles

  • Axia Element/Fusion (large console), iQ (mid-size), Radius (smaller)
    These are all digital consoles, networkable, and also have local I/O options. The iQ in particular is very popular at the moment in Australian community radio, with the Element slowly making it’s way into the larger stations. I love these consoles. Distributed by AVC Group.
  • Logitek Mosiac, Pilot (smaller)
    These are digital consoles, networkable and also have local I/O options. Distributed in Australia by On Air Solutions.
  • Sonifex
    Sonifex manufactures three console ranges. They are all analog, but the S2 also contains some digital I/O in the way of AES/EBU. Distributed locally by EAV.
  • Elan
    Elan manufacture analog audio consoles right here in Australia. Their Kestrel and Merlin consoles have been quite popular in the past with Australian community broadcasters, proving to be quite the work horse.
  • Klotz
    Klotz have produced a range of popular digital audio consoles for a number of years – many commercial broadcasters across this country have them installed as I write this. However, they have had a bit of an unfortunate history lately. Their product range is still being manufactured, but not by the original company.
  • Wheatstone
    Wheatstone produce a range of Wheatnet digital consoles, based on a competing protocol to those of Axia, Logitek, and other manufactures. I can’t speak about them as I have no experience and know no one who does.

Audio Processor

  • Omnia
    Models such as the 11, 9, One, and 6 are popular FM broadcast processors and stereo generators.
  • Orban
    Models such as the 8600 and 5500 are popular FM broadcast processors and stereo generators.

Profanity Delay / Seven Second Delay

Phone Hybrids and Phone Systems


On Air Lights

Headphone Amps

FM Transmitters – Small