Last year I had the privilege to develop the Teaching for Inclusion teacher resource site. Teaching for Inclusion is a resource website which helps teachers support students with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities. It contains an incredible amount of resources, information and checklists.

The content for the site was developed by staff at Model Farms High School, under an Every Student Every School grant. I was brought in to turn this content into an online resource, complete with interactive functionality.

One of the key pieces of functionality is the Student Checklist Builder. It allows the creation of individualised planning documents – a PDF which gives teachers a simple checklist for each students.

Teaching For Inclusion - PDF Example 1

The resource website is a HTMl5 site, compatible with a wide variety of browsers including the older versions of Internet Explorer still kicking around NSW DEC schools. It also responds to work on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Teachers can access this resource anywhere and on any device.

As a part of the project, we had to ensure the software could run within the DEC network and still be accessible to the outside world, too. This included having a reverse proxy enabled through the DEC’s WAN onto the school’s network, as well as a virtual server setup on the school’s local Hyper-V cluster.

Since the completion of this project, the school has had a range of positive feedback. Another local school has even contracted me to produce a similar resource, with a bigger emphasis on the interactive workflows.

I’m proud to have worked on this project. It’s making a difference in the lives of many children.

If your school is interested in undertaking a similar project, please get in touch. I love working with local schools.