ReckonAccounts can be a bit fickle at the best of times. If you’ve changed the IP Address of your File Server (hosting Reckon Multi-User access or Database Server), there’s a simple fix to prevent Error 6123, “Reckon Accounts is trying to access company files but cannot contact the database server”,  from appearing upon login.

Every ReckonAccounts file should actually have two files:

  • The main QBW file
  • A QBW.ND file

This ND file can be opened in a text editor such as Wordpad.

When you open the ND file, you can see it contains the IP Address of your server. This file tends to ‘remember’ the old IP of a computer if you’ve just changed the IP Address.

Updating the address and restarting the Database Server service will generally resolve the error.

Alternatively, you could try stopping Multi-User mode and restarting it from the server. This depends on your ability to login at all.