If you have a Tecom Titan security system (often paired with GE Challenger hardware), the default username is TECOM MASTER and the password is 4346.

Tecom Titan is a very popular security system, capable of managing very large buildings. Somehow, security companies don’t tend to change the default password when they setup a new system. Go figure!

Forgot the password to your Tecom software?

Needing to reset the password is very common. Perhaps you changed security company and need to take control of your Tecom software. Perhaps someone left the company and didn’t pass on the details.

Thankfully, there’s a very easy way to reset the password to Tecom Titan.

  1. Backup your Tecom computer to a safe location
  2. Find the installation CD for Tecom
  3. Install it on a spare PC (not the one you currently run TECOM on)
  4. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to ‘C:Program FilesTecomdbstruct’
  5. Copy all files that start with ‘al’ (e.g. ‘aluser’ and ‘alumenu’)
    1. There should be eight files all up
  6. On the computer with your main Tecom Titan system, open up ‘C:Program FilesTecomdbstruct’
  7. Replace the existing al* files with the ones from your new installation
  8. Try and login with the default credentials
    1. Username: TECOM MASTER
    2. Password: 4346

There you have it! The default password and password reset instructions for Tecom Master.