Most Toshiba multifunction devices have the capacity to send faxes and scanned documents to recipients via email. To use this functionality, you need to configure it to connect to your outgoing mail server (SMTP server). This is done via the TopAccess web interface.

If you’re connecting to a local mail server, you can generally stick with the default and just plug in the address (and credentials, if required). When it comes time to connect a Toshiba device to the a Google Apps mail account (or even a plain ol’ Gmail account), the devil is in the detail. It is mostly straight forward, but you need to make sure you get settings such as SSL, Authentication type and port numbers correct.

Firstly, make sure you enable IMAP within your Mail account. This can be done by logging into the user and going to the settings page.

Once you’ve done that, you can configure your Toshiba device via the Web GUI. The default logon for TopAccess is admin with the password 123456.

Here are the details I have used in the past:

SMTP Client
Enable SMTP Client: Enable
Enable SSL: Accept all certificates without CA
SMTP Server Address:
POP Before SMTP: Disable
Authentication: Plain
Login Name: [email protected]
Login Password: setthistosomething
Maximum Email / Internet Fax Size: 20 MB
Port Number: 587
SMTP Client Connection Timeout: 30 Seconds

If you set a static IP address for the device on your LAN (recommended), then you also need to make sure your DNS settings are correct. If you have internal DNS servers, you can set it to those. If not, you can use your ISP’s DNS server, Google’s public DNS servers or OpenDNS.