MetaRadio: Now-Playing Data for Radio Broadcasters

MetaRadio is easy to use software that manages Now Playing song metadata for your radio station. Send your metadata anywhere!

With MetaRadio, you can take the live now-playing data from your radio playout/automation systems, and send it to WordPress, RDS RadioText+ Encoders, DAB, DAB+, HD Radio, Streaming Servers, Generic HTTP GET/POST Endpoints, Mobile Apps, and more!

It can be hard to setup live song metadata for your radio station. Often, it requires custom scripting, expensive add-ons, or secret handshake with someone who has done it all before. Many stations didn’t bother – throwing it into the engineering ‘too hard’ basket. These stations missed out on another opportunity to connect with their listeners and provide a valuable service.

MetaRadio takes our years of experience building and configuring now-playing systems, and makes the setup process super simple. Our software hides a lot of complexity, providing you with a simple way to manage now-playing data transmission. It will run on almost any Windows PC, and you can get it up and running in under 15 minutes.

You have an awesome product and we recommend it to all of our clients these days!

Mike Dorris, Inrush Broadcast Services

It’s a low-fuss solution that links your radio automation system to over thirty five different output systems.

Not only is MetaRadio easy to use, but it also comes with excellent support. You can contact us anytime, and we’ll try out hardest to find a solution to your metadata problems.

MetaRadio has been a real game-changer for my 11 radio stations. It’s improved the listener experience and engagement – over the air on both our analog and HD signals as well as through streaming players and apps. New features allowing us to schedule advertiser messages and sponsorships presents fresh new recurring revenue opportunities. MetaRadio is powerful and affordable, and, simply put, it just works.

Lee Perryman, Radio Alabama


Connect your Automation System

Accept now-playing song data from 21+ different radio automation systems (or use a generic template to connect to many more).

Music Fingerprinting

If you don’t have an automation system, use ACRCloud music fingerprinting technology

Send Data Everywhere

We mean everywhere – we connect to 40+ output systems. Send song data to RDS Encoders, HD Radio, DAB/DAB+, Internet Streams, WordPress, flat files, and more!

Merge Data

Merge data between multiple input systems. For example, take your now-playing data from your automation system, and combine it with the program guide from your website and weather data from a third party API.

Message Scheduling

Schedule messages throughout the day and week. Unlock new revenue opportunities by selling advertising space in your RDS feed.

Input System Scheduling

Enable and disable systems at different times through the day and week. For example, use data from your automation system, syndication satellite and audio fingerprinting at different times.

Filter Rules

Don’t accidentally send internal data to your public-facing systems. Craft rules, such as minimum track duration, and asset type requirements.


Many modern radio receivers need RadioText+ data in order to display data to your listeners. We send RT+ to the widest range of encoders.

Song History

We’ll log all tracks you play, and provide a user-searchable song history widget to embed on your website.

Unicode Support

We support Unicode throughout the app, so if your third party systems supports it too, we’ll correctly pass on all your international letters. For systems that don’t support Unicode, we automatically substitute non-ASCII characters with ASCII close equivalents.

Album Art

We can look up Album Art on Apple Music, and forward this through to your compatible output systems, such as your WordPress website. No need to manually curate an album art collection yourself.


Support is just a quick email away. We’re here to help!

Program Guide

Create a Program Guide on your WordPress website with our easy to use tools. It also support multi-week program guides.


Our WordPress plugin contains a comprehensive JSON API, so you can use MetaRadio’s structured data within other sites and systems.

WordPress Player

Embed a Player on your WordPress site, and feature the current and previous songs alongside the player.

The support from Anthony and the team has been amazing, they have helped me set up data with our playout software and been patient in helping us make customisations beyond my expectations. MetaRadio is a powerful tool, offering out of the box software to enhance our online listener experience with ease. And if you use WordPress, it’s even easier!

Alex, HCR FM (UK)

Supported Systems

We are absolutely delighted with MetaRadio 2.0 ! The program is simple, easy to use, and does what it claims. We chose to use the WordPress plugin and found it to be simple to install and easy to manage

Wayne, 93.1 CFISFM

MetaRadio currently supports the following radio automation systems and other input sources:

  • ACRCloud
  • Aeron Studio
  • AudioVault
  • AzuraCast
  • BSI OpX
  • Dalet 5.1e (Update 22)
  • Dalet Galaxy
  • iAutomate
  • Icecast
  • Jazler RadioStar 2
  • Live365
  • mAirList
  • MegaSeg
  • Myriad OCP
  • NowPlaying2
  • NPR Composer 2
  • NPR MetaPub
  • OMT iMediaTouch
  • OmniPlayer
  • OtsAV Radio
  • PlayIt Live
  • PlayoutONE
  • ProppFrexx OnAir
  • RadioBOSS
  • RadioDJ
  • RCS Zetta
  • RCS NexGen
  • Rivendell 3
  • SAM Broadcaster
  • Simian Pro 2.3
  • StationPlaylist Studio Pro
  • Scott Studio SS32
  • Smarts Broadcast Systems Skylla
  • Spinitron
  • Virtual DJ
  • WestwoodOne Satellite
  • WideOrbit Radio Automation
  • ZaraRadio 1.6.2
  • Zeno.FM
  • More systems are being added all the time – make your request known, or if you know how to customise your automation system, you can use a generic template

MetaRadio currently supports the following data outputs:

  • WordPress
  • HTML-only Song Finder
  • RDS Encoders:
    • UECP RDS Encoders
    • 2wcom C02 RDS Encoder
    • Audemat FMB80 & FMB50
    • Audessence RDS Encoder
    • BreakawayOne RDS Encoder
    • Deva SmartGen RDS Encoders
    • Ecreso RDS Encoder
    • Inovonics RDS Encoder
    • Pira RDS Encoders
    • Thimeo StereoTool RDS Encoder
    • Nautel RDS Encoder
    • Omnia9sg
    • Omnia9XE
    • Omnia7 
    • Omnia 9 RDS & Streaming
    • Omnia for Nautel
    • Orban Optimod
  • Radioplayer
  • Spinitron
  • Fraunhofer DAB/DRM ContentServer
  • Paneda DAB
  • Xperi/iBiquity HD Radio
  • ODR-PadEnc
  • Icecast
  • Shoutcast
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Telos Z/IP Stream
  • Orban Opticodec
  • BreakawayOne HD & FM Cores
  • Streamguys Icecast
  • SiriusXM
  • StreamS
  • SecureNet DCS
  • Cirrus Streaming
  • Triton Digital Station Manager
  • Triton Digital Icecast
  • DTS AutoStage
  • All In Media Radio App API
  • Community Radio Plus App
  • Generic HTTP GET & POST endpoints
  • Generic JSON files (+ FTP Upload)
  • Generic TCP Output
  • Custom Text Files (+ FTP Upload)
  • WordPress Onair2 Theme

Who Can Use MetaRadio?

MetaRadio delivers benefits to almost all different types of broadcasters – from the smallest internet broadcasters, to the largest national network. We deliver the same fantastic functionality, and easy setup process, to all types of broadcasters.

MetaRadio for Commercial Radio Networks

Whether you have one FM station, or a whole network, you can use MetaRadio to send Now Playing song information from your radio automation systems directly to a fleet of disparate RDS encoders (we support many different brands of RDS encoder).

Increase RDS RadioText receiver support with RadioText+ – MetaRadio sends specially formatted data strings to most RDS encoders to allow seperate display of song/artist on compatible receivers.

There are also generous discounts available for bulk orders. We have customers as small as one station, and as large as state and national networks. Coming from a broadcast engineering background, we speak your language and can help solve your metadata woes.

MetaRadio for Community Radio

Aid music discovery, and increase audience engagement with your website, with a dedicated Song History page on your WordPress website. Listeners can select the day & time to see exactly which songs you played.

If you don’t currently use WordPress, we support generic HTTP POST & GET requests – enabling your developers can build their own REST API without having to mess with your automation software.

MetaRadio for Internet Radio

Send realtime song data to WordPress, Icecast, Shoutcast, TuneIn Radio, and RadioPlayer. This will help increase your presence in internet radio directories, helping new listeners to discover you. It will also help you deliver a world-class experience on your WordPress website.

MetaRadio for LPFM/LPON/Narrowcast Operators

Find a brand new audience by having your station name and current song title show up on the in-car receiver of compatible radios. You’ll appear on radios the same as the big stations in town!

MetaRadio for RDS Encoder Manufacturers

MetaRadio makes it easy to support data from a whole variety of radio automation systems, without the need to support every system natively. Consider bundling MetaRadio with your hardware RDS Encoders to increase compatibility, reduce support calls, and boost sales.

MetaRadio for Automation System Developers

Reduce development time and increase functionality!

We take the hard work out of integrating with other broadcast systems. You can focus on the key value proposition of your software, and we’ll focus on delivering your customer’s metadata where it needs to go.