The Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher was originally designed as a simple way to switch different Livewire audio sources to one Livewire destination. Then, we added support for GPIO inputs and triggers. Now, we’ve made it possible to disable the audio switching altogether and just use it for GPIO control. Combined with the new Raspberry Pi support, lwSDS is a powerful control solution for Livewire-powered radio stations.

One way to use this new GPIO functionality is as a remote control for a profanity delay unit. If you already have your Profanity Delay wired up to a GPIO Node port, then it’s pretty simple to setup in lwSDS.

But first, here’s a video to demonstrate lwSDS and the 25Seven PDM Delay Unit in action:

Here’s the configuration file we used in this example:

To keep our wiring standardised, we’re using the standard Axia Element GPIO pinout for profanity delay units:

When you read through the configuration file, you may notice some new options are in use:

  • GPI_IndicationOnly: true
    This option means whenever a GPI is received to the app, it doesn’t trigger a switch – it simply changes the colour.
  • DisableRouteChange: true
    This option disables route changes whenever you press a button on the screen. Only GPIO triggers are sent.
  • Momentary: 1
    Adding this to the GPIO Trigger setting section will turn the trigger into a momentary trigger for the specified number of seconds.

That’s pretty much all there is to it!