RESTful Content Syndication is a WordPress plugin designed to syndicate posts from one master WordPress website, to multiple child sites. This is perfect for those running a network of WordPress content websites.

Under the hood, this plugin uses the WordPress REST API to pull content from the master site. Thus, no additional software or configuration is required on the master site.

Featured images, and embedded images, are automatically downloaded from the master site and saved in the child site’s Media Library.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

RESTful Content Syndication - Screenshot

There are a number of options:

  • Master Site URL – The full URL of the master WordPress site (e.g.
  • Username and Password – If the REST API is protected on the master site, enter your WordPress credentials from the master site here
  • Default Post Status – You can publish all posts automatically, or assign them as Drafts or Pending posts
  • Default Post Author – Pick the author on the child site to assign all syndicated posts to
  • Do not import posts earlier than this date – If you are migrating from another syndication plugin, set this field to a valid date-time value to restrict the importation of old posts
  • Create Missing Tags? – If enabled, this plugin can create tags on your site
  • Create Missing Categories? – If enabled, this plugin can create post categories on your site
  • Always Enable Yoast No-Index? – If you don’t want to get pinged for duplicate content, and use the Yoast SEO plugin, check this box
  • Embedded Image Size – All attached images are stored on your child site. Select the size to use for embedded images