Media Realm has developed a number of open source tools over the years. Some of them are archived, and some of them are still under active development. This page contains the details of some of these projects.

Profiler + Gravity Forms

This WordPress plugin integrates your Gravity Forms-powered Donation Forms with the Profiler CRMThis plugin has been developed by Media Realm, and contributed back to the community of Australian NFP’s using Profiler. We work closely with the developers of Profiler to develop and maintain this plugin.

All successful donations made through your website will be instantly sent to Profiler, where it can be checked in RAPID and then linked to your client records. This cuts down on a lot of manual data entry and verification.

This plugin uses standard Gravity Form hooks, and will integrate seamlessly with existing Payment Gateway plugins. We recommend the Gravity Forms Stripe plugin.

You can also choose to configure this plugin to use a payment gateway within Profiler, also respecting per-Source Code gateway settings.

You can also use this plugin to create Interactions (Notes), mailing list subscriptions, and some other data types in Profiler.

This plugin is provided 100% free of charge, and distributed under the terms of the GPLv2 License. Professional Services such as setup and customisations are available for a fee. Get in touch!

RESTful Content Syndication

RESTful Content Syndication is a WordPress plugin designed to syndicate posts from one master WordPress website, to multiple child sites. This is perfect for those running a network of WordPress content websites.

Under the hood, this plugin uses the WordPress REST API to pull content from the master site. Thus, no additional software or configuration is required on the master site.

Featured images, and embedded images, are automatically downloaded from the master site and saved in the child site’s Media Library.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

RESTful Content Syndication - Screenshot

There are a number of options:

  • Master Site URL – The full URL of the master WordPress site (e.g.
  • Username and Password – If the REST API is protected on the master site, enter your WordPress credentials from the master site here
  • Default Post Status – You can publish all posts automatically, or assign them as Drafts or Pending posts
  • Default Post Author – Pick the author on the child site to assign all syndicated posts to
  • Do not import posts earlier than this date – If you are migrating from another syndication plugin, set this field to a valid date-time value to restrict the importation of old posts
  • Create Missing Tags? – If enabled, this plugin can create tags on your site
  • Create Missing Categories? – If enabled, this plugin can create post categories on your site
  • Always Enable Yoast No-Index? – If you don’t want to get pinged for duplicate content, and use the Yoast SEO plugin, check this box
  • Embedded Image Size – All attached images are stored on your child site. Select the size to use for embedded images

Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher (lwSDS)

Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher (lwSDS) is a freeware Livewire Source Selector. You can select any Livewire Source on your network, and send it to any xNode, Classic Node, QoR, PowerStation, IP-Driver, or Omnia Processor.

Originally released in July 2017lwSDS has had thousands of downloads and is in use by radio and TV stations all over the world!

What does lwSDS do?

Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher acts as a single button-selector window. You can think of it like a simple Pathfinder Mini panel, or the press buttons on the front of your old analog audio switcher.

The software consists of a single configuration file and EXE. You can setup as many selector buttons as you like. Each one represents a Livewire Stream Number. As soon as you click on a button, it sends that Livewire stream to the configured destination. The active source has a red coloured background.

Your sources could be studios, computers, codecs, satellite feeds – anything! As long as it exists on your network as an Axia Livewire source, you can use it.

The application uses the Livewire Routing Protocol – a TCP based protocol with simple text commands. It does not require access to the Multicast data on your Axia Livewire network, so you can use it from any separate network – so long as TCP port 93 is accessible.

This software does not require a central server, yet you can still run it on as many computers as you like at any one time. The software subscribes to route change notifications on the Livewire device, so as soon as you change the stream number in one place, it shows up on every other computer running this software.

Livewire Control Protocol & Routing Protocol Clients

These projects implement LWRP and LWCP clients in Python. This code allows you to build applications that interface with Axia Livewire’s Routing Protocol & Control Protocol.

Livewire CLI

Livewire Command Line Interface (Livewire CLI) is a command-line tool to view and change Axia Livewire Audio Routes, Axia Livewire GPIO pin states, Axia Console Channel Settings, and VMix Settings. Simply run the EXEs, add the IP addresse of the LWRP or LWCP device you wish to control, and select from a wide range of parameters.

This tool allows you to automate many common Livewire tasks from the Windows Task Scheduler, Batch Files, or any Radio Automation System that allows you to trigger EXEs – using a very simple syntax to get and set many common properties in Axia devices. You could even call these EXEs from your own in-house software tools. When you purchase Livewire CLI, you receive two EXE:

  • Livewire-Routing-CLI.exe
    Control Axia Audio Routes, and GPIO.
  • Livewire-Control-CLI.exe
    Control Axia Consoles, and VMixes.

This app is focused on viewing and changing routes and GPIO changes from Livewire Routing Protocol Devices (Notes, QoRs, Processors, IP Drivers, etc.). It also now allows you to view or change V-Mixes and console settings on Axia Livewire consoles (Element, Fusion, Radius, iQ, and DESQ).

V-Mix settings on the Axia Radius, iQ and DESQ consoles is not supported.

This tool can be thought of as a command-line version of the Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher – with added support for Axia Console settings, perfect for automating regular tasks without other expensive software or hardware packages. This app is perfect for small Livewire networks.

Livewire Audit Logger

Livewire Audit Logger is a simple way to track changes to Livewire Routes and Livewire GPIO pin states over time. Simply run the EXE, add the IP addresses of all your Livewire devices, and watch it log everything in real-time.

Want to know if your satellite provider forgot to send a pulse? Curious if anyone’s actually using that automation system remote you wired up last week? Want to know when someone accidentally routed the mic feed from the voice-tracking booth to the PA in the sales office? Livewire Audit Logger makes this easy.

Changes are logged to disk, and available for 30 days. The latest changes are also displayed on the screen in realtime.

This app is focused on logging routes and GPIO changes – an essential part of any virtual engineering toolkit when working on Livewire networks. It doesn’t log audio, v-mixes or console changes – only changes to routes and GPIO.

Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate how simple it is:

ProPresenter Lyrics HTML

This project contains a bunch of different ways to display lyrics – including Stage Display, and Lower Thirds. Lyrics come from ProPresenter via WebSockets, and can be rendered in web browsers that support Alpha Channel output (e.g. CasparCG), or displayed in any basic web browser (e.g. on a Raspberry Pi for a Stage Display).

This project has been updated to work with ProPresenter 7.


ZettaView is a web interface to view the Status of your Zetta stations. It is idea for showing Sequencer & Log status on TV around your facility, and also for remote monitoring, or embedding on your intranet.

Fancy Fundraising

Fancy Fundraising was a standalone WordPress plugin to enhance the fundraising on your website. It provided a number of high quality layouts as well as integrations for Gravity Forms.

We have since stopped distributing Fancy Fundraising, in favour of our Radio Websites platform and Custom Development.