The Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher is a simple Livewire routing interface with optional GPIO support, and now it runs on a Raspberry Pi. This can be a simple and effective way to get a touchscreen interface for studio delegation and other routing control.

Installation on a Raspberry Pi

  1. Download and install Raspbian Desktop on your Raspberry Pi
  2. Connect to an Ethernet network
  3. Open Terminal and run the following commands:
sudo apt-get install python2 git
git clone
chmod +x Livewire-Simple-Delegation-Switcher/
echo "@/home/pi/Livewire-Simple-Delegation-Switcher/" >> .config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
cp Livewire-Simple-Delegation-Switcher/config-sample.json Livewire-Simple-Delegation-Switcher/config.json
  1. To edit the configuration, run this command:
nano Livewire-Simple-Delegation-Switcher/config.json

Press Ctrl + X to close the Nano text editor.

  1. The Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher should now load automatically whenever you login to your Raspberry Pi (there is a 10 second delay to give the Pi a chance to connect to the network). To start it manually, run the following commands from the terminal:
cd /home/pi/Livewire-Simple-Delegation-Switcher/

Window Placement Options

There are a number of new window positioning options you can also use:

"DefaultWindowWidth": 260,
"DefaultWindowHeight": 440,
"DefaultWindowPosX": 0,
"DefaultWindowPosY": 0,

You can add these four lines to the config.json file. The Width and Height fields are the default size of the window, and the X and Y position values are the default X and Y offsets from the top left corner of the screen.