Want to send Now Playing song data from Radio42’s ProppFrexx to your RDS Encoder, Website, or Streaming Server? MetaRadio makes this possible. This article explains the setup of MetaRadio and ProppFrexx.

For other setup guides, see out MetaRadio Support Site.


Configuring ProppFrexx

ProppFrexx allows you to send Now-Playing data via a TCP connection over a network, via the Macro/Command feature. MetaRadio is capable of receiving this data. MetaRadio provides a dedicated XML Macro template specifically for ProppFrexx.

ProppFrexx sends XML data from your automation computer, TO MetaRadio on any other networked computer. To achieve this, you must have a TCP Port opened in your firewall between ProppFrexx and MetaRadio. MetaRadio automatically adds a Windows Firewall exception, so you will only need to add a firewall rule if your two computers are on different networks/subnets/VLANs.

MetaRadio is also able to run on the same computer as ProppFrexx.

To setup ProppFrexx, follow this process:

  1. Open ProppFrexx
  2. Click on the main menu, and then click “General Settings
  3. In Settings and Options, open the “Events/Commands” tab.
  4. Expand “Playlist”, and click “Edit” next to “OnTrackPlay”
  5. In the “Control Command Builder”, select Action “EXEC_SEND_TCP”
  6. In the Parameter field, enter the following template:|<ProppFrexx><event><![CDATA[${event}]]></event><artist><![CDATA[${plstrackartistcurrent}]]></artist><title><![CDATA[${plstracktitlecurrent}]]></title><duration>${effectivesec}</duration><starttime>${effectivestart}</starttime><filename><![CDATA[${filename}]]></filename></ProppFrexx>
  7. At the start of the field, set the IP Address of your MetaRadio PC (or if it’s running on the same computer), and the Port Number (in this example, we’ve used ‘8016’).
  8. Press the “New” button to add this new event command
  9. Save your changes in ProppFrexx

That’s it for the ProppFrexx side of things. Now we can move over to the MetaRadio setup.

Configuring MetaRadio to talk to ProppFrexx

  1. Open MetaRadio Config
  2. Add a New Station
  3. Select “ProppFrexx” from the dropdown menu
  4. Enter the IP Port Number as specified in ProppFrexx (‘8016’ in our example above).
  5. Save Station Details, and save the global settings in the app.
  6. Restart the main MetaRadio app and confirm ProppFrexx is connected. You should see the TCP Port Number, and information displayed whenever the current on-air song changes.

Now that MetaRadio is receiving data from ProppFrexx, you can configure any outputs (RDS Encoders, Website, Streaming Servers, etc.) as needed.