It’s been just a month since the last update of MetaRadio, and we’ve already got a new release ready to go. This version has several bug fixes, but also adds support for some additional systems. I didn’t want to leave it so long between releases as last time, hence this new version is available today! Read on to find out about MetaRadio v1.4.0.

This release is available to download now. Simply jump over to the downloads page, and enter the email address you used when you first purchased MetaRadio. We’ll send you an email with the latest download link, and your license details.

If you are currently on a free trial, or want to sign up for a free trial, you can also do that.

Changes to MetaRadio Standalone

  • Add the ‘Allowed Asset Types field’ to most automation systems. This field can be used to whitelist only certain asset types from your automation system (e.g. only display songs). This field is dependant on the data your automation system sends, but if you are in doubt you can contact us for support configuring your system.
  • Paneda DAB+. If you encode DAB or DAB+ via Paneda equipment, you can now use MetaRadio to send now-playing metadata to their API for display on digital radio receivers.
  • Dalet Galaxy. If you use the Dalet Galaxy automation system, you can now use it with MetaRadio.
  • More Unicode substitutions. Last month, we released the ability to substitute Unicode characters on RDS outputs (RDS only supports limited characters sets). We have expended the database of character substitutions to include over 700 individual unicode characters.
  • Fix ‘Uppercase’ feature on some RDS outputs. Some RDS encoders would no longer respect the ‘Uppercase’ setting in version 1.3.0. We have now corrected that mistake.

Changes to MetaRadio WordPress Plugin

  • Triton Digital. If you use Triton Digital for your internet streaming, you can now configure your MetaRadio Web Player to use the Triton stream. Just pop the stream name/callsign into the ‘URL’ field, and select ‘Triton Digital’ from the format dropdown.
  • More classes. You can use the class ‘metaradio_station_now_statusclass’ to automatically add another class based on if the station currently has any now-playing data available. You can also use the class ‘metaradio_station_custom’ with attribute ‘data-customfunction’ to send the MetaRadio JSON payload to your own Javascript function whenever the data changes. These two functions will enable more bespoke functionality.


This upgrade is free for all existing licensees.

Download the latest version from the downloads page. Simply enter your email address, and you will be sent a download link with the latest version.

You can upgrade your existing installation of MetaRadio Standalone simply by running the installation wizard. Please ensure you take a backup before you upgrade. In the event you run into issues, please feel free to re-install the older version, and then contact us for support.

Upgrades to the WordPress plugin are handled in-app. Simply check the ‘updates’ screen.

Standard disclaimer: Make sure you backup everything before upgrading.