I’ve written some software to help generate Axia Livewire Multicast IP Addresses from the Stream Number, and convert the Multicast Address to a Stream Number. This software is available on GitHub.

If you’ve ever use the Axia Livewire Audio over IP system, then you might wonder how the stream numbers actually work. Every stream number has a corresponding Multicast IP Address starting at (for standard streams).

These multicast addresses and stream numbers can easily be converted between one another with some simple maths. This is where my script comes in. It wraps this math into a couple of handy methods, ready to be imported into your next Python project.

Feel free to use this script as a part of a larger application. For example, you could build your own status boards using the Livewire routing and control protocols. Or you could use it as part of a Livewire/OSC protocol translator. You could even make your own SDP generator.

There are already some other cool things floating around on GitHub, such as a Axia LUFS metersimple iPlay alternative (for Unix-based systems) and even a Silence Detector!

Contributions are welcome. Please submit a pull request or issue via GitHub. And let me know if you make something cool (or not so cool) with this. I’d love for there to be more open source broadcast software out there!