Our Radio Websites Platform supports in-built Podcasting. This article explains how to set this up in WordPress.

To follow this guide in its entirety, you must be a Site Administrator or Editor.

Our podcasting system is designed to use Categories and Posts. Each Category is a Podcast Feed, and each Post in that Category is an episode on the Podcast feed.

Please note: The podcasting system built into your Radio Website is deliberately basic. If you want a more advanced podcast and on-demand platform to use with your Radio Website, we suggest you use Omny Studio (separate subscription required).

Creating a Podcast Feed

You may wish to setup a new Category for each Podcast feed, or you could use existing categories. If you are unsure, just create a new Category specifically for your Podcast feed.

To begin, head to WordPress Admin > Posts > Categories.

Next, create a new Category or edit an existing Category.

Once you are on the Edit Category page, you will be presented with a number of fields relating to podcasting. Each of these fields must be filled out correctly.

  • Enable Podcast Feed: Tick this box to enable podcast feed generation
  • Image: Upload an image which conforms to Apple’s Podcast Guidelines (minimum dimensions 1400 x 1400, maximum dimensions 3000 x 3000. This image should be a square)
  • Description: Enter a description of your podcast feed. This will be shown on podcast readers, but will not be displayed anywhere on the site.
  • iTunes Categories: You may select as many categories as you wish from the dropdown. Podcasts should have at least one category.
  • Author Name: Enter the copyright holder’s name (e.g. the station name, organisation name, or presenter name)
  • Author Email: Enter a contact email for your author / copyright holder
  • Explicit: Tick this box if listeners can expect to hear explicit language in the podcast at any time

The ‘Podcast URL‘ displayed on this page is the address you may wish to submit to podcast directories, such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Once you have finished filling out this page, this Save your changes.

Adding Content to your Podcast Feed

Now that your new podcast has been setup, we are ready to add some audio to this podcast. To complete this section, you must have any user role which allows creating and publishing content.

To begin this process, head to WordPress Admin > Posts > Add New.

You will need to fill out some fields on this page. Here are the key ones:

  • Title: This is the title of the episode which will be displayed on your website and in podcast readers
  • Body Content: This is a good place to provide SEO-friendly content, such as show notes and transcripts.
  • Podcast Audio File: This is where you may attach the audio file. If you do not attach an audio file here, this Post will not be included in your Podcast Feed.
  • Category: Select the appropriate category (the same one you enabled Podcasting on earlier)

You may now publish your Post. After you have Published, podcast readers will begin updating. This process can take some time, based on how heavily they cache your podcast feed. Typically, new episodes will appear within an hour.

Of course, new Podcast Episodes are available on your website immediately for everyone to enjoy.

Once you have several podcasts, you may wish to showcase them on one page using our Podcast Grid Block.