Our Radio Websites Platform supports in-built Podcasting, and it also has a fancy feature to showcase all your podcast feeds on one page. This article shows you how to use the Podcast Block feature in WordPress.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the end result!

The Podcast Grid Block displays any number of Cards, each with details about one podcast. You can link to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, RSS Feed, and a Website. All of these links are optional, based on the platforms you use.

You can use this feature either with the in-built Podcasting feature, or with an external podcast provider such as Omny Studio. The Podcast Feed itself doesn’t even need to be on the website for this feature to work – it is simply a way of featuring links to various podcast platforms.

Using the Podcast Grid Block

To get started, to to WordPress Admin > Pages, and either click ‘Add New’ or edit an existing page.

On this page, click the “Add Block” icon, and select the “Podcast Grid” block:

Once you have added this block, hover over it and click the Pencil item to bring up the editor functionality.

Now, you can add as many rows as you wish. Each row signifies one Card on the page, complete with image, title, description, and links.

Each of the link fields are optional, and icons will only be displayed if you have entered a URL.