Our Radio Websites product just keeps getting better and better. One of the advantages of subscribing to our product is the constant enhancements. Over 50 stations are currently enjoying all Radio Websites has to offer, and that number will only increase as we launch this product outside Australia.

This article outlines the main changes made to the platform over the last three months.

New Branding

Media Realm has a new logo! We’re steadily rolling out this new branding across out products. You’ll notice the new logos in your dashboard.

Two-Factor Authentication

All users on all sites now have the option to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their user account. This is highly recommended for all users, to increase the security of the sites.

If you don’t have 2FA enabled, a nag will be displayed at the top of your dashboard.

We may begin mandating 2FA for Site Administrator users in the future, although right now it is optional.

Australian Phone Number Formats & Validation

When you use the ‘Phone’ form field in Gravity Forms, you now have two new formatting options:

  • Australian Landline
  • Australian Mobile

Selecting one of these new formats for your form then helps users enter their number in the correct format.

Using either of these options will then validate the number to Australian standards. However, if you pick ‘Mobile’, it will still allow a Landline to be entered, and if you pick ‘Landline’, it will still allow a mobile to be entered.

If you don’t want any validation, use the ‘International’ format.

Sponsor/Advertiser Logo Block Enhancements

Our Sponsor/Advertiser Block allows you to feature logos across your site. We have enhanced it with some new options:

  • Layout: Grid or Scroller
  • Sponsor Selection: All or Specific Categories
  • Colour: Full Colour or Grey

Forms – Signature Field

All sites now have access to the Signature field within Gravity Forms. This is perfect for accepting membership sign-ups which require a Signature.

The Signature field can be found in ‘Advanced Fields’.

There are some basic settings for this field:

The end-user sees a field like this:

Group Block – Content Width

We are steadily adding more layout options across the sites, so you have more control over the look and feel of your site.

If you use the Group block on Full Width pages, you can now adjust the width of the contained content.

Previously, Group Blocks had a full width background, but the content was always limited to the container width. Now, you can optionally have the content extend to the full width of the page.

Look for the new ‘Content Width’ option, and enjoy these three options:

  • Default
  • Full Width
  • Full Width (No Gutters)

Post/Page Grid Blocks – Layout Options

We offer various Grid blocks within WordPress. These allow you to feature content (primarily pages & posts) in a grid. These blocks include:

  • Post Grid
  • Manual Pages Grid
  • Child Pages Grid

Post Grids now have an option to Repeat the Grid Pattern. This will allow you to feature more Posts without having to duplicate the Block.

Manual Page Grids now have an option to ‘Hide Title Over Image’. This can be useful if your image already includes text.


You can now push new posts to third party webhook services such as Zapier or IFTTT. This will allow you to automatically publish new Posts to social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Webhook URLs are configured in the WordPress Customiser. You can find this in WordPress Admin > Appearance > Customiser > Webhooks.

Custom Google Fonts

We have always allowed a variety of Google Fonts to be selected for use across your site. Our selection included the top Google Fonts, and we’d always add extra font choices when requested. However, you can now enter your own Google Font directly into the Customizer.

Google Fonts can be used for all headings, body text, and other text across the site.

You can find this in WordPress Admin > Appearance > Customiser > Theme Styles > Typography. Simply select ‘Custom’ as the font choice, and then enter the name of your custom font into the ‘Custom Google Font Name‘ field.

Other Improvements

  • Increase size of Datepicker drop-downs
  • Improve responsive sizing of YouTube and Vimeo videos on page load
  • Improve text contrast on some buttons & labels
  • Banner Block – Allow setting a foreground image instead of Heading Text
  • Move all our custom blocks into the ‘Radio Websites’ category
  • Allow SVG image upload
  • Links in Posts to external sites now always open in a new tab
  • Global Player – option to hide player until it’s invoked
  • SEO improvements to heading tags hierarchy
  • General security enhancements

Product Roadmap

Internally at Media Realm, we have a Roadmap for our products. We used this to guide and prioritise our development efforts. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see us tackle next, please contact us!