StudioHub+ is a Cat5 wiring standard, specifically for professional level audio. It makes it easy to use your standard computer data wiring for audio, allowing for a flexible, plug-and-play broadcast facility. Rather than running both data and audio cable, you can just run data cable and use it for everything.

There are a variety of pre-made cables, adaptors and widgets available for you to purchase and use, but what if you want to solder your own breakout cable? You’re in luck. It’s very easy to wire up XLRs to RJ45 using the StudioHub+ standard.

Here’s the wiring chart:

PinTIA/EIA 568A ColourTIA/EIA 568B ColourFunctionXLR Pin
1Green / WhiteOrange / WhiteLeft +Left 2
2GreenOrangeLeft –Left 3
3Orange / WhiteGreen / WhiteRight +Left 2
5Blue / WhiteBlue / White  
6OrangeGreenRight –Left 3
7Brown / WhiteBrown / White  

A full StudioHub wiring chart, featuring different types of connectors, is available on their official website.

P.S. StudioHub is officially only TIA/EIA 568B, but you can easily use 568A leads if you want. These are generally more readily available in Australia.