I’m proud to announce the newest release of MetaRadio Standalone and MetaRadio WordPress – Version 1.5.0. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the beta testing process over the last 10 months!

New Systems

We’ve added support for the following new systems:

  • Fraunhofer DAB & DRM ContentServer
    We now support the world’s most popular DAB/DRM headend system. You can now send your track metadata directly to the JSON-RPC endpoint on Fraunhofer’s ContentServer.
  • Custom TCP Output
    Ever wanted to send custom TCP data to an arbitrary third party system? This release now supports just that!
  • Ecreso RDS
    We now support the RDS interface on these popular FM transmitters, including RadioText and Dynamic PS.
  • Orban Opticodec
    Use your Opticodec to send track metadata to your streaming servers.

General Feature Updates

Other Bug Fixes

There’s also plenty of bug fixes – too many to mention. But here are a selection:

  • 2wcom RDS: Enhance Unicode support for sending RadioText via a Unicode-compatible ODA
  • Audemat RDS: Make some general fixed to improve support across their product range
  • FileJSON: Support iTunes artwork lookup
  • mAirList: Support commas as well as decimals
  • Nexgen: Support HH:MM:SS formatting of data
  • PlayoutONE: Support HH:MM:SS duration formatting
  • Pira & DEVA RDS: Fix RadioText+ Artist field number
  • Pira RDS via Serial: Make this interface more robust when errors occur
  • WordPress: Enhance the plugin update process by adding change logs to the UI
  • WordPress: Song Finder – always sort this with the earliest songs at the top of the list
  • WordPress: Work around some caching issues on some WordPress sites
  • WordPress: Fix the AAC+ media type string
  • WordPress: Song Finder – issue a cache control header to ensure this data doesn’t get cached for too long
  • WordPress: Song Finder – start on the current hour, not the last hour
  • WordPress: Timezones – add some help text to help users setup this system with the correct combination of timezones
  • WordPress: Automatically generate a station key when you setup a station for the first time

How to Upgrade

If you are an existing MetaRadio licensee, you can download the latest version from the downloads page. Simply enter your email address, and you will be sent a download link with the latest version. This release is available for every existing licensee – free of charge.

You can upgrade your existing installation of MetaRadio Standalone simply by running the installation wizard. Please ensure you take a backup before you upgrade. In the event you run into issues, please feel free to re-install the older version, and then contact us for support.

Upgrades to the WordPress plugin are handled in-app. Simply check the ‘updates’ screen.

Standard disclaimer: Make sure you backup everything before upgrading.

Free Trial

You can request a free trial once every 40 days. If you tried MetaRadio some months back, you can now give it a try again! What are you waiting for? Sign up for the free trial!