MetaRadio 2.2 is now available! This update contains six new input and output systems, and sees the return of Data Delay on all outputs.

This update is available free of charge to all MetaRadio users with an active support & maintenance agreement. All MetaRadio 2.0 customers currently have an active support & maintenance agreement.

MetaRadio is the best way to manage your station’s now-playing metadata. We help you connect to more radio broadcast systems than any other metadata system on the market – around 100 input and output systems are now supported.

New customers can sign up for a free trial now, or purchase MetaRadio online.

Data Delay

MetaRadio 2.2. re-introduces Data Delay. This feature allows you to add an arbitrary delay to any output. This feature is often used to align your metadata with your Digital Radio audio or streaming audio. It is also useful if you have a program audio delay running consistently.

New Systems

MetaRadio adds a variety of new systems.

  • Spinitron is a web platform that supports playlist logging, reporting, web publishing, and more for over 300 non-commercial stations in the USA. Using MetaRadio, you can now send your realtime Spinitron data to any of our output systems. You can also use MetaRadio as an Input in MetaRadio, allowing you to connect your automation system directly to Spinitron.
  • AudioVault. Connect to your AudioVault automation system via TCP/IP. We support the formats provided in v9.2 and newer, and v10 and newer.
  • AzuraCast. If you wish to fetch the metadata from your AzuraCast streams and forward it onto other broadcast systems, MetaRadio now supports this format. This can be useful for translators and relays being fed off an internet stream.
  • ODR PadEnc (Open Digital Radio) DLS & DLS+. You can now generate the text files used by Open Digital Radio’s PadEnc tool. This allows you to generate DLS and DLS+ text for your open-source digital radio encoder and mux system.
  • Omnia for Nautel. Omnia.9 processing is available in Nautel’s HD Multicast+ and GV2 transmitters. Our new “Omnia for Nautel” format allows you to send RDS data to these transmitters directly.
  • Aeron Studio. You can now send data from Aeron Studio to MetaRadio via XML files.

WordPress Enhancements

Our MetaRadio WordPress plugin has a few updates worth mentioning.

The MetaRadio Program Guide has a new layout. This new grid layout allows multi-day programs to visually span multiple days.

We have added a new User Role called ‘MetaRadio Track History Editor’. This allows you to let specific users edit the track history, without having access to other sections of WordPress and MetaRadio.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

As always, we are committed to improving MetaRadio. Here are some of the key bug fixes and enhancements in this release:

  • SAM & mAirList inputs: Improve Unicode UTF-8
  • File Custom & TCP/UDP Custom: Add new Character Encoding option to these outputs
  • Simian: Improve windows-1252 detection and handling
  • HD Radio: Fix Uppercase for title/artist/album data
  • HD Radio: Allow splitting fallback text into title & artist field with ” – ” delimiter
  • HD Radio: Fix HD2 port number in help text
  • Inovonics: Workaround issue where quick disconnects fail to save data to the RDS Encoder
  • Omnia 9 RDS: Update URL format
  • SS32: Fix a fatal error on this input
  • Icecast Input: Allow specifying Default Duration for tracks

How to Upgrade

When you buy a license or sign up for the trial, you receive an email. This email contains the download link and license file. You can run the installation on your PC, provide the new license key, and you’ll be up and running in no time. You can also read the full installation instructions for new installs.

If you are an existing customer, you can request your download and license from this webpage, using the same email address you used to purchase your product originally.

Make sure you take a backup before you upgrade. If you are using a VM, we suggest taking a snapshot before upgrading.


If you run into trouble and need support, please contact us via email for assistance.