Our Radio Websites Platform provides in-built support for on-demand audio providers. The supported provider is currently Omny Studio. This article shows you how to connect this on-demand audio provider to your website.

Before you begin, you must:

  • Have an account with this provider, and
  • Setup a Recording Schedule / Program Guide within the dashboard of your on-demand provider

Until you have setup your on-demand system, and allowed it to record audio of your shows, you will not be able to connect it to your Radio Website. If you try and connect WordPress before you have properly setup your on-demand system, you may get confused when you see no data.

Find Your Account ID

To connect to an on-demand provider, you must find the Account ID for your provider.

Omny Studio provides your Organisation ID in Organisation Settings > Details > Organisation ID.

Initial Connection in WordPress

To begin the process, you must login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to WordPress Admin > MetaRadio > On Demand & Guide Settings
  1. In the ‘On Demand & Guide System Configuration’ section, click ‘Add Station/System’
  1. Select Omny Studio or Pulse (Nucleus Streaming) from the dropdown.
  2. Enter your Account ID from before into the ‘Station Slug’ section
  3. Press the ‘Update’ button on the right

You have now connected WordPress to your On-Demand Audio Provider. You may now proceed to the next section, where you can embed this audio on a page.

You do not need to touch the ‘Guide/System Mapping‘ section on this page.

Embedding On-Demand Audio into Pages

Radio Websites Platform does not automatically embed on-demand audio onto any page of your website. You must embed the correct Blocks onto each page where you want the audio to be made available.

Typically, you would embed an On-Demand block onto each of your Show Pages. There is nothing special about a show page – they have the same functionality as every other page on your WordPress site.

  1. Navigate to WordPress Admin > Pages, and select a page to Edit
  2. Click the blue ‘Plus’ icon to add a new Block
  1. Search for ‘On Demand’. If you wish to display on-demand content which has been automatically recorded, click on ‘On Demand Audio’ block to add it (this block is supported by both Omny Studio and Nucleus).

    If you wish to display curated on-demand content from a Playlist, select ‘On Demand Playlist Audio’ (this Playlist block is only supported by Omny Studio).
  2. After inserting the block, you will be presented with the Block Settings. In the ‘Show’ dropdown, select the name of the program from your on-demand audio provider.

In this settings section, you may also specify a limit for the amount of audio which will be made available to your users.

Save the changes to this page. When you view the page, you should see the on-demand audio displayed. If you do not see audio displayed, check with your on-demand audio provider to see if your recordings are setup correctly.

You may embed as many on-demand audio blocks on your page as you wish. Some stations have a special on-demand page which features the most recent audio from all of their shows. Some stations simply embed each show’s audio on their respective show page.

Results are cached, so it may take up to an hour in some circumstances for new audio to become available on your site.