Our Radio Website Platform has a number of image sizes which you should be aware of. WordPress automatically resizes images, but supplying the ideal dimensions up-front will help give your users the best experience on your site. This page explains the different image dimensions.

All images should be supplied in PNG or JPG format.

Featured Image for Pages and Posts
Dimensions: 1300px x 400px

This hero image is your feature image on pages and posts. It sits at the top of the page on all screen sizes. On pages, the title is overlaid on top of the banner. This image should be uploaded to the ‘Featured Image’ section in the WordPress editor.

Although this image on Pages is technically a background with a text overlay, we try and maintain this aspect ratio across screen sizes. If your image has text, we recommend you keep the text in the middle of the image to avoid it being cropped.

Inline Images for Posts
Dimensions: 740px x 350px

if you use images within article or story, we recommend using a consistent width. For a two-column page, 740px wide is your ideal size. Height is flexible, but we suggest 350px high. This image can be attached inline within the WordPress editor.

Featured Image – Square
Dimensions: 600px x 600px

Your site supports a special image size, which is used primarily on the Post Grids. This size is 600px x 600px. You can upload these images to the ‘Featured Image – Square’ section in the WordPress editor sidebar.

Sponsor Logos
Dimensions: 370px x 300px

The key images for the community noticeboard and business logos for the sponsors’ directory are 370px x 300px. These should be placed into the ‘Sponsor’s Logo’ section in the WordPress editor.

Sponsor’s logos should be transparent PNGs, so they will be displayed nicely on coloured backgrounds (e.g. the Sponsor Logo block).

Banner Advertisements

The image sizes we use for Banner Advertisements are IAB industry standards. You should upload all three image sizes for all advertisers, so they can be displayed correctly on all screen sizes.

Super leaderboard – 970px x 90px

Leader boardbanner – 728px x 90px

Medium Rectangle – 300px x 250px