The WordPress Block Editor (code named Gutenberg) is a big, exciting step forward for content creation within WordPress. Released in late 2018, as a part of WordPress 5, the Block Editor has been getting better and better with every release.

Many people have chosen not to enable the Block Editor on their sites, by using the Classic Editor plugin. However, there are more and more reasons to begin using the new editor – but it may be hard to re-train everyone in the new system.

I recently encountered this problem for two separate clients, so I decided to have a look into the best way to use the Classic Editor by default, but switch some pages to the Block Editor.

This code, which can be worked into your theme or function, utilises the free Advanced Custom Fields plugin to generate a Meta Box on pages only. If the checkbox is checked, that page can now be edited using the Block Editor.

If you are familiar with ACF, you could modify this meta box to only be visible to certain users (e.g. Administrators), or only on certain page types (e.g. pages or posts).