If you’ve tried to activate or deactivate your Adobe Audition 3 software recently, you will have found that it fails with an error code (commonly error “24 : 24”). This is because Adobe has shut down their activation servers for a number of their old software packages, including Acrobat 7, CS2, and Adobe Audition 3.

Adobe has provided a version of their software that does not require activation for download. You can download this here.

Does this mean you can now install this software on as many computers are you like? No. Just because the software is now freely downloadable does not mean the license has changed. In order to use these Adobe products, you still need to purchase a license. As these versions are old, you will either need to purchase the latest version or acquire a second hand copy.

I advise you not to take advantage of this and install copies all around your network. Exercise restraint, and only use the number of licenses that you are entitled to. Remember that you can still be taken to court for software piracy.