Data Rules allow you to alter the data as it arrives in MetaRadio from your Automation System, using flexible and powerful custom rules. This means you can endlessly customise your incoming data using ‘If/Then’ style rules before it is processed by MetaRadio and sent to other broadcast systems.

Data Rules were introduced in MetaRadio v2.1.

These are some examples of rules you could create:

  • Detect Ads/Sponsors and replace the text
  • Detect long-form pre-recorded programs and ignore the track
  • Override the incoming duration from your automation system

This guide assume you have already installed MetaRadio, and connected it to your Automation System and Output Systems (e.g. your RDS Encoder).

Creating Your First Data Rule

To get started, open MetaRadio Configuration. This can be found via a shortcut on your desktop, or by going to

Go to the “Data Rules” screen in the left menu.

Click “Add Data Rule“. This opens the Data Rule configuration screen.

This screen contains all the options to create your new rule. At the heart of this screen is the Data Rule Builder. This is a logic builder which lets you create complex rules using AND/OR logic.

The other fields can be configured as such:

The Rule Name is your internal name to identify the purpose of the rule. It is only visible by you in the configuration app.

Rule Enabled? allows you to disable a rule if it is not needed, without having to delete it.

Sort Order allows you to change the evaluation order. The lower the number, the earlier the rule will be evaluated. Once one rule matches the conditions, no other rules are evaluated.


The Actions section allows you to specify what happens once the Rule has been met.

You can choose to Skip Track. This means the track is discarded in MetaRadio before it is sent to any other system.

You can also Edit Fields, such as the Title, Artist, Album, Item Code, and Duration. To edit a field, check the “Enable?” checkbox, and then type your new value into text box below. You can use standard merge fields (such as {TITLE} and {ARTIST}) within these text fields, which means you can remap and combine fields.

Other actions will be added to future versions of MetaRadio. Please contact our support team if you have any suggestions for actions you wish to be able to trigger via this feature.

Once you have filled out your settings, press “Save”. You do not need to restart MetaRadio after adding or editing Data Rules – your changes are applied as soon as the next track arrives from any Input system.

You can repeat this process and create as many Data Rules as you like.


How does this feature work?

Whenever data is received from an input system, such as your Radio Automation software, it is parsed and turned into a common format. As soon as this happens, MetaRadio evaluates all Data Rules to see if this new track matches a rule. If a rule is matched, it applies the actions before sending the data to Output systems (or discarding the data is you choose the ‘Skip’ action).

Which Input Systems are Supported?

All Inputs in MetaRadio support Data Rules.