Want to send Now Playing song data to your Shoutcast Streaming Media server, from your Radio Playout/Automation system? MetaRadio makes this possible. This article explains the setup of MetaRadio and Shoutcast, allowing the current song title and artist to be sent to any compatible player.

Before you begin, you’ll need to get a free trial or paid license of MetaRadio. For other setup guides, see our MetaRadio Support Site.


  • MetaRadio installed on your PC, with at least one station (automation system) configured
  • A Shoutcast server with a stream already encoding and sending to the server
  • The Stream ID and Stream Password for your Shoutcast server
  • Access to the internet from your MetaRadio computer

Configuring Shoutcast in MetaRadio

  1. Open MetaRadio Config from the Start Menu on your computer
  2. Select your Radio Station, and press “Edit”
  3. Press “Add Output” and select “Shoutcast” from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter the required details for your Shoucast stream
    1. Shoutcast Stream ID: If you have multiple streams on the one server, enter the Stream ID for your specific stream. If you only have one stream, enter the ID ‘1’.
    2. Shoutcast Server Address: The address of the server, not including http:// or any trailing slash (e.g. ‘stream.mediarealm.com.au‘). If your Shoutcast server is on a port other than Port 80, also include this in the Address field (e.g. ‘stream.mediarealm.com.au:8080‘)
    3. HTTP Auth Password: The password for your Shoutcast stream. This is the same password you put into your streaming audio encoder, or login to the Shoutcast website.
  5. Press “Update Output Details” and “Update Station Details”
  6. Close and save your changes in the MetaRadio Config app
  7. Restart the main MetaRadio app, and check to see if the correct data appears on the Shoutcast webpage next time a song plays