We are pleased to announce the release of MetaRadio 2.0.1. This is a minor release with some bug fixes, and additional systems. This builds on our recent 2.0.0 release. Keep reading to find out about all the changes in this release.

MetaRadio is the best way to manage your station’s now-playing metadata. We help you connect to more radio broadcast systems than any other metadata system on the market – 33+ automation systems, and 40+ output systems. We also have provide input and output methods from HTTP, TCP, and Files, so you can connect to even more systems using our generic templates.

This is a free upgrade for all existing licensees. To update, request your download link using the email address you used to purchase MetaRadio.

New customers can sign up for a free trial now, or purchase MetaRadio online.

MetaRadio Screenshot showing some input systems

UPDATE 12TH OCTOBER 2023: We have released v2.0.2. This minor release fixes a bug with the update prompt in the Dashboard. It also fixes a bug with the Rivendell input.

New Systems

  • Live365 is now available as an Input. This means you can use the Live365 AutoDJ feature, and ingest the data in realtime into MetaRadio.
  • Track History XML Formats – you can now generate a track history file in XML, using either the MetaRadio standard format, or the Arctic Palm compatibility format

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

This release focuses mainly on minor changes and bug fixes. Here are the list of changes in this release:

  • All Inputs – Improve logging messages when conditions are not met (duration, asset type) or datetime format is invalid
  • Config – Add extra safety checks when saving config changes. This will particularly help users with very large config files.
  • Config – Fix last data timestamp formatting
  • Track History – Exclude tracks that don’t contain both a title & artist
  • HTTP Output – Add an option to require both title & artist when sending data
  • RadioPlayer – Don’t send tracks that don’t contain both a title & artist
  • OmniPlayer – Add ‘Allowed Asset Types’ config option
  • mAirList – Fix duration parsing
  • OmniPlayer – Fix multimedia field overrides
  • WideOrbit – add the Album field
  • ACRCloud – Improve error messages, including when matching tracks are not returned
  • WestwoodOne – Fix DPS parsing duration default logic
  • Generic HTTP Input – Fix a crash

WordPress Enhancements

There are two changes for the WordPress plugin.

MetaRadio Standalone users now have an option to ignore the timezone sent from MetaRadio Standalone, and use the current time in site’s local timezone. This will work around issues where the MetaRadio PC is deliberately in a different timezone to the site.

We have begun work on Multi-Week Program Guides. This allows stations to have guides ranging from 1-4 weeks in duration.

What’s the upgrade process like?

When you buy a license or sign up for the trial, you receive an email. This email contains the download link and license file. You can run the installation on your PC, provide the new license key, and you’ll be up and running in no time. You can also read the full installation instructions for new installs.

Make sure you take a backup before you upgrade. If you are using a VM, we suggest taking a snapshot before upgrading.