MetaRadio continues to be a very helpful tool in the broadcaster’s toolkit, and since our last update in 2021 we have been adding some new features and enhancing old ones. This article outlines the changes in Version 1.6.0 of MetaRadio Standalone and MetaRadio WordPress.

This update is a free update for all existing licensees, and can be downloaded by entering your email address into the “Reissue License & Download” tool.

New Features

RDS UECP support
We now support RadioText and RadioText+ on a wide range of RDS encoders, via the standardised UECP protocol.

All In Media Radio API
Send data to your All In Media App via their Radio API.

ACR Cloud input in MetaRadio Standalone
Use ACRCloud fingerprinting on all outputs, including RDS, Streaming Servers, Apps, DAB+, HD Radio, etc.

WordPress Playlist Editing
Allow WordPress users to edit a playlist and manually add/edit/remove tracks from the song history log.

WordPress Composer & Notes fields
Extra fields for classical stations.

WordPress Program Guide JSON API
Read the Program Guide via a JSON API – perfect for syncing your guide to other systems.

WordPress Program Guide RSS feed
Read the Program Guide via a RSS feed – helpful for showing your guide in off the shelf mobile apps and other system.

Enhancements & Fixes

WordPress Security Hardening on admin screens

Stop the Standalone app from exiting immediately when an invalid/expired license is encountered

Pandea DAB: Support for self-signed SSL certificates

iMediaTouch: Fix issues wth Playout ID field

Fraunhofer Content Server: Allow configuring the Port Number

Deva RDS: Fix a crash

2wcom RDS: Map Album & Comments fields to merge codes

StationPlaylist comment field

WordPress Station Now API: Add ‘duration’ field to output

WordPress Station Now API: Add ‘generated’ field to output

WordPress timezone error detection message: Also detect timezones in the future as well as the past

WordPress: Fix caching issues with ‘now’ shortcodes

WordPress: Detect and alert on duplicate program slugs

WordPress: Fix a scenario where you could save empty setting values by accident

WordPress: Allow deleting programs


This upgrade is free for all existing licensees.

Download the latest version from the downloads page. Simply enter your email address, and you will be sent a download link with the latest version.

You can upgrade your existing installation of MetaRadio Standalone simply by running the installation wizard. Please ensure you take a backup before you upgrade. In the event you run into issues, please feel free to re-install the older version, and then contact us for support.

Upgrades to the WordPress plugin are handled in-app. Simply check the ‘updates’ screen.

Make sure you backup everything before upgrading.